Who to Not Invite

Actually, this is more of a quick tip about how to keep your guest list limited.

Here is the full article.

Maximum people: __
A. You can’t get married without these people, close friends you see every weekend.
B. Relatives you have stayed in contact with
C. Coworkers, and your parents’ friends and neighbors you’ve known forever
D. Distant cousins, friends you’ve lost contact with

When you need to reduce the number of guests. Start with the D-list!


Imagine a wedding with just the A-list. Very intimate.

Other thoughts:
Your single friends may enjoy the wedding more going stag.
Consider inviting the bridal party’s kids rather than everyone’s.
If you’re on the fence about someone, lean towards yes. Relationships change.
It’s a party. You want to invite those you can relax and fully enjoy it with.